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Savio [userpic]

OK... I don't know if anyone ever visits here... but if you do, I'd appreciate it if you could reply to this comment with a myth that has been propagated because of the Internet... Urban (Internet) legends also welcome.

And yes, if you can, please substantiate it with a link as well.


And yes, how have you all been?


hey, long time no see! where have you been?

On and around the place... new job and schitt...

So, how have you been? Still in Europe? Germany, right?

me been fine. Yup, still in Europe. PhD in Germany, was in Zurich for the weekend. (damn, and I always thought saying that sounded fake)...

New job? interesting. Oh.. congrats and all that.


You said Zurich?

Must make a trip there... I haven't seen my bankers for the longest time...
Mebbe after that I'll visit Antwerp for diamond shopping.

For sure, you should! It is quite lovely...stood right on 'em banks. All so secretive. And my *souce* told me that. Diamond shopping! Anything specific you have in mind? For a lady love, for instance?

Nothing specific.

No lady, no love... so all fer me :D

Seriously though, I can't afford diamonds... not even American... forget the ones you get at Antwerp :)

no myth.

but how have you been? long time no see? and i miss your train experiences :-)

Train experiences... still have 'em... only too bored to put them down.

So wassup wi you?

Congrats dood! Er...which publication are you working for? A story on Internet-propagated myths? Quite a radical idea! :)

Would you want to feature this year's IG Nobel Prize winning Nigerian Entrepreneurs?

Am I late?

Here are a few sites which you could read


More as I recall them:)

PS: I have been fine!

Re: Am I late?

Obrigado... but who are you?

This was the funniest according to me

This email says that a top executive from Procter and Gamble was on a television talk show such as Sally Jesse Raphael, Phil Donahue, or Jenny Jones and said that he's a Satan worshiper. He says that the profits from P & G go to Satanism and "there aren't enough Christians to stop him." He also goes on to say that the Procter and Gamble logo is that of a wizard and is a part of the influence of Satanism on the company.

Company Appeared on a TV Show to Say that All the Profits from the Company Go to Satanism (http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/p/procterandgamble.htm)

Of course there is also the Moon Truth (http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/hoaxes/moontruth.asp)

Read it all on Snopes (http://www.snopes.com) and Truth or fiction (http://www.truthorficition.com)


Andre here

Hey dude, Hows it going on the Mumbai Mirror front? Hope everything's great. Awesome blog you got here.

Blog- www.xanga.com/superandre
Portfolio- ousiadroid@gmail.com

Not an urban legend, but Microsoft once made a Matrix spoof video. Link 1, Link 2.

um... not sure of any legends... but can I friend you? :P

Of course, go ahead :) But I must warn you, I seldom post here nowadays


wats keeping u from posting...

nothing to post, busy at work, something / someone else in life, or just another journal...

if there is another journal...wud love to read it !!!

hey dude ... good to see you back!



No new posts?

testing this one...

Very interesting... as always! Cheers from Switzerland.

hey ...how are? Just thought I'd pop by and say hi...So Hi.


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