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October 2005
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Savio [userpic]
This could have been our CD sleeve

Current Mood: dorkydorky
Current Music: A Perfect Circle


Haha, nice photo.

You're all supposed to look in different directions like you couldn't care less!

We don't have songs... One of us can't sing, two of us can't play any musical instruments, all three of us work for a tech magazine... looking in different directions so we looked uber cool was therefore never one of our priorities... Besides, we really couldn't care less :)

Neat pic all the same.

It's the people, dude... it's the people :)

Yeah yeah, tell me about it :-D

I just did :P

someone's cleaning inside someone's ear.
this picture is very, candidly nice though.

House of wax??? Ewwww...

We're nothing, if not candid... and yes, fairly clueless for most of the time as well :)

haha! loves it! what a happy bunch!

what a happy bunch!

That, we are :D

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I wrote a couple while at college... The problem was that they we so angst-ridden that even I couldn't handle it :)